The Various Ministries of Bennett Memorial Missionary Baptist Church
Deacon Ministry
Deaconess Ministry 
Trustee Ministry
Associate Ministers 
Music Ministry
  • Youth Choir  - 1st Sunday
  • Gospel Chorus - 2nd Sunday
  • Senior Choir - 3rd Sunday
  • Male Chorus - 4th Sunday
  • Combined Choirs - 5th Sunday
Ushers Ministry
  • Senior 
  • Junior
  • Men 
Nurses Ministry
Culinary Committee Ministry
Pastor's Aide Ministry 
Women's Ministry 
Praise Dance Ministry
  • Adult Praise Dancers 
  • Youth Praise Dancers 
Christian Education Ministry
Security Team Ministry
Sound Technician Ministry 
Jail/Prison Ministry
Detention Home Ministry 
Youth Ministry
Transportation Ministry
During church hours only (Sunday School, Church, Revival, VBS, etc.)
Clerical Ministry 
Radio Ministry